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About CBK Associates

Our website is in the process of being updated. All information is still accurate, we just have more to add and more to offer.

Greetings to all of our friends and colleagues around the world.

In response to Covid-19 — we join you in expressing gratitude for all the frontline workers taking care of us as we each do our part in caring for our communities. In these uncertain times we hear about kind, thoughtful and courageous acts that lift spirits, provide needed supplies and offer a generosity of spirit. And all ages join in — and we aim, through the work we do to support you, generate ways to connect and share ideas that build bridges and do good.   

In response to the UPrisings — we support Black Lives Matter and the movement to a just, equitable and inclusive society that is rid of police brutality and uncovers institutional racism in all its forms. We recognize that vast systemic change is required. We recognize that the work is personal, professional and ongoing. We are learning. 

However we collaborate with you — contributing to a more just and equitable society and world is our priority.

Usually we share the many places in the world that our team of eight consultants are — and the workshops, seminars and institutes you can join. Not now. We are all in place. We have a powerful team: east coast — J Christopher Neal, Maureen Connolly, Jonathan Davis, Wendy Barrales; west coast — Anthony Hopkins and me, Cathryn Berger Kaye; and our overseas crew — Erin Threlfall in Lausanne, Shei Ascencio in Luanda, Angola though currently in Canada, and Surama King in Accra, Ghana. And we are working on a plan to shift elements of our Summer Institute online — so stay tuned.


Equity and Inclusion: Inquire about our workshops led by CBK Associate J Christopher Neal of ArkPhilosphy. Together with others in our consultant team, we have recently led a series of workshops in-person and virtually on “Understanding Bias: Intrinsic Bias and Microagressions” for the NYC Mayor’s NYC Service Division reaching adults from nonprofits, NYC Housing Authority, educators, and the NYPD. We have also made training videos on “How to Approach Youth During Covid-19″ for the NYPD that, for the first time, included youth in the videos as co-trainers. Our virtual webinar on “Moving from Trauma-Informed to a Healing Centered Approach” reached educators and nonprofit mangers from across the US and overseas. Our custom-designed approach ensures your needs are met and learning that leads to growth occurs by incorporating restorative practices.

Creating Connections: We are offering Virtual Experiences to meet, connect, ground, create, learn, grow, pause, expand, reflect, and experience joy. Dates will be posted here and in social media and they will vary by time to offer opportunities for YOU around the world.

Themes that Matter: Yes, we are re-imagining possibilities to offer lively engaging content virtually that allows for learning formats whether distant or in-person. Virtual practices, curriculum design, educator well-being, social and emotional dynamics, and service learning to meet these times. We are also offering a virtual experiences series on: From trauma informed to healing centered: an overview developed and led by J. Christopher Neal.

Responding to YOU. Let us know your needs.

What is documentar? Responding to the moment and because there appears to be a lack of opportunity for youth to express their experience during the pandemic and UPrisings for justice, we created documentar – a time capsule of Now! Follow us on Instagram @documentar_ (yes, an underscore) and learn more here.

PLEASE be in touch. Email us at cathy@cbkassociates.com. Join this global conversation to engage and thrive.

Check our Calendar for opportunities to join us. Interested in our Advisory program? Inquire at cathy@cbkassociates.com. and stay in touch regularly through Social Media: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @cbkaye, and Facebook and Linked in at Cathryn Berger Kaye.


  • We actively lead programming and development of the NYC Mayor’s Service Youth Leadership Councils. If you are in the NYC area, be in touch for a wealth of resources for staying in place.
  • Our Social and Emotional Dynamics and Advisory Programs are in schools all over the world — for grades K-12. Contact us for details.
  • Our team provides Exploring Systemic Bias work with a focus on implicit bias and microaggressions. We bring experiences with Moving from Trauma-Informed to Healing Centered Approaches to your team with a series of curated content and experiences webinars. These can be offered in person (soon we hope) and online.
  • Keynotes and Inspiration. Tell us what you are looking for and we will find the best match from within or through our expansive networks.
  • We are COACHING - Leaders benefit from one-one conversations or small group interactions to develop personally and translate that development into collaborative opportunities within our organizations to build inclusive work and learning environments.
  • For educators: ask about our Curriculum sessions for conceptual processes and specific unit development.
  • And we lead virtual and look forward to leading in-person institutes, conference workshops and on-site professional development around the globe.

Email cathy@cbkassociates.com for details. Visit CBK Associates month-by-month calendar here

Cathryn’s podcasts: with Professional Learning — click here and most recently with Alec McMillan on March 20, 2020 click here.

Ideas, innovation, creativity, resources, and more. CBK Associates offers a wealth of professional development opportunities for your schools, universities, organizations and businesses to grow, learn and advance.

FIND A WEALTH OF ARTICLES at Resources, including Meaningful Reflection.

Interested in knowing about the literature Cathryn recommends for service learning integration? Pop over to the ABCD Books Catalogue HERE – to order books, email cathy@cbkassociates.com. Our online bookstore is permanently closed and for reference only. 

Thank you for being part of our global family. Be stay and be well and do good.

In the interviews that make up Oral Histories of Pioneers in Youth Philanthropy and Service Learning, Cathryn Berger Kaye describes the early history of service learning. Listen to all 14 segments of Cathryn in her interview series!